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Celestial Farewell



The “Celestial Farewell” standing spray is a dignified and uplifting floral tribute for a final goodbye. This arrangement features an elegant combination of pure white chrysanthemums, symbolizing truth and sincerity, and bright yellow blooms, representing companionship and remembrance. The flowers are thoughtfully arranged amongst lush green palm leaves, creating a backdrop that emphasizes the spray’s natural beauty and serenity.

Mounted on a sturdy easel, this spray stands tall as a symbol of the light that a loved one brought into the world. It’s a respectful and poignant way to honor their memory during a funeral or memorial service.

The “Celestial Farewell” is not only a gesture of sympathy but also a beacon of hope and comfort for those who grieve, offering a reminder of the joy and brightness that endures in the hearts left behind.


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