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Meadow Splendor



Embrace the untamed beauty of the countryside with our “Meadow Splendor” wildflower basket arrangement. This basket is a celebration of natural diversity and color, featuring the sunny optimism of bright yellow sunflowers and strawflowers, standing tall and proud. Rich red gerberas and the delicate whites of daisies add a traditional floral touch, complemented by the playful pinks of wild aster blooms. Sprigs of blue delphinium soar upwards, adding height and a pop of vivid color that evokes the clear summer sky.

This bountiful arrangement is presented in a handwoven basket, reinforcing the rustic and natural aesthetic. Curving willow branches add an artistic flair, creating an arching line that gives the impression of a wild garden growing freely.

“Meadow Splendor” is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the beauty of a wildflower field or wishes to bring a piece of the countryside into their home. It’s a delightful reminder of warm, lazy days spent in nature’s embrace.


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