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Enchanted Garden



The “Enchanted Garden” standing spray is a whimsical work of art, bringing the magic of a wildflower meadow into an expressive floral arrangement. This playful spray features a dynamic mix of colors and textures, including the vivid purples of irises for wisdom, the cheerful yellows of daffodils symbolizing new beginnings, and the delicate pinks of lilies representing prosperity and joy.

Intricately intertwined branches add an enchanting, almost fairytale-like structure to the arrangement, suggesting the natural beauty and unpredictability of a garden in full bloom. The spray is supported by a subtle stand, giving it prominence and allowing it to be a focal point of celebration or remembrance.

Ideal for a variety of occasions, the “Enchanted Garden” standing spray is a delightful expression of nature’s spontaneity and the joyful dance of life’s vibrant moments. It’s perfect for bringing a touch of whimsy and heartfelt beauty to any event.


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