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Circle of Love



The “Circle of Love” floral wreath is a heartfelt embodiment of affection and remembrance, crafted with a beautiful selection of pink and peach roses that circle endlessly, representing eternal love. The delicate pink shades express grace and appreciation, while the warm peach tones signify sincerity and gratitude.

Accentuated with a variety of complementary blooms and soft greenery, the wreath is a symbol of the unending cycle of life and the continuous love that surrounds us. Graceful pink ribbons flow from the wreath, adding a touch of elegance and softness to the design.

Displayed on a stand, this floral wreath is an ideal tribute to honor a life well-lived, making it a poignant feature for funerals, celebrations of life, or as a symbol of unity and support during times of loss. The “Circle of Love” wreath stands as a testament to the enduring bonds we share and the memories that forever remain in our hearts.


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