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Midnight Garden



The “Midnight Garden” vase arrangement is a bold and beautiful collection that captures the mystery and majesty of an after-dark garden. This striking bouquet features deep blue hydrangeas at its heart, conveying a sense of abundance and grace. Surrounding the hydrangeas are splashes of vibrant purples and rich yellows, including whimsical asters and elegant irises, which together create a palette reminiscent of a starry night sky scattered with bursts of floral constellations.

Set in a clear glass vase, the natural arrangement style allows each stem to be visibly appreciated, emphasizing the wild and untamed beauty of the flowers. Accented with dynamic greenery that spills and sprawls like garden foliage, this arrangement is both a visual feast and a celebration of nature’s diversity.

Perfect for those who appreciate the dramatic and expressive, the “Midnight Garden” arrangement makes a compelling centerpiece or a thoughtful gift, sure to spark conversations and admiration.


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