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Lasting Love



The “Lasting Love” casket adornment is a heartfelt expression of enduring affection and remembrance. This piece is richly composed of lush red carnations, each flower a symbol of deep love and admiration. The carnations are gathered into a classic and dense bouquet, their vibrant red color standing as a bold tribute to a passionate and strong life.

Accompanied by dark green foliage, the red of the carnations is further emphasized, creating a striking contrast. A bright red satin ribbon adds a final touch of elegance and reverence to the arrangement, symbolizing the unbroken bond with the loved one who has passed.

Set against the solemn backdrop of a funeral service, this adornment brings a touch of warmth and the comfort of tradition to the casket. “Lasting Love” is a simple yet powerful statement, a loving farewell to a dearly missed individual.


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