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Tropical Tribute



The “Tropical Tribute” casket spray is a bold and exotic arrangement that celebrates a life with vibrant energy and a spirit of adventure. This unique spray features a selection of tropical flowers, including the captivating blush of pink proteas, soft peach calla lilies, and the fiery hues of ginger flowers. The deep purples of orchids add a touch of dramatic beauty, creating a rich visual tapestry.

The lush green palm leaves provide a striking backdrop to the bright floral colors, while delicate greenery trails gracefully, adding a sense of movement and wildness to the arrangement. This spray brings the essence of a tropical paradise to the service, reflecting a passion for nature’s most extraordinary creations.

“Tropical Tribute” is a celebration of individuality and the beauty of diversity, perfect for a final farewell to someone who embraced life with zest and color. It is a meaningful and distinctive way to honor a unique and cherished life.


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