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Eternal Spring Wreath



The “Eternal Spring Wreath” is a circular floral arrangement that resonates with the freshness and brightness of spring. This wreath is adorned with large, white daisy-like flowers with sunny yellow centers, evoking a sense of innocence and simplicity. Interspersed among the white blooms are sprigs of yellow blossoms, likely representing forsythia or goldenrod, contributing a lively contrast and symbolizing renewal.

The wreath is lush with varying shades of green foliage, forming a rich background that emphasizes the vividness of the flowers. A soft, cream-colored bow graces the bottom, adding a gentle, graceful touch to the overall design. This wreath could serve as a symbol of the continuation of life and memories, often displayed at memorials or celebrations of life to signify the everlasting nature of love and remembrance.


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