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Bright Horizon



The “Bright Horizon” casket spray is a bold and beautiful testament to a life lived with vibrancy and energy. This striking arrangement is centered around the brilliant cheerfulness of sunflowers, their large, open faces symbolizing adoration and longevity. The sunflowers are complemented by the vivid red of gerbera daisies and orange blossoms, which add an intense splash of color and evoke a sense of passionate remembrance.

Blue delphiniums rise gracefully amongst the fiery colors, providing a serene touch of calm and symbolizing a heavenly ascent. Lush green foliage and yellow solidago spread beneath the blooms, suggesting a landscape of endless fields under an open sky.

Resting atop the casket, the “Bright Horizon” spray serves as a radiant farewell, honoring a spirit that was as bright and uplifting as the flowers chosen to represent it. It is a celebration of life and a hopeful look towards the horizon of what lies beyond.


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