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Tribute of Honor



The “Tribute of Honor” casket spray is a dignified and striking arrangement, a fitting tribute to a distinguished life. The bold red carnations convey deep love and respect, while the white gladiolus and orchids offer a contrast that symbolizes purity, strength, and moral integrity. This grand spray cascades over the casket, providing a rich tapestry of color and elegance.

The lush greenery that accompanies the blooms not only adds fullness to the spray but also represents the continuation of life and memories. This arrangement is a profound way to honor the passing of a loved one, offering solace to those who grieve and a reminder of the everlasting impact of the life celebrated.

With the “Tribute of Honor” adorning the casket, it serves as a powerful reminder of the reverence and esteem held for the departed, providing a beautiful focal point for the final farewell.


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