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Morning Meadow



The “Morning Meadow” basket brings the fresh, invigorating feeling of a daybreak in the countryside to any setting. Overflowing with cheerful daisies and sunny yellow roses, this arrangement is a heartwarming combination of classic charm and rustic elegance. The daisies, with their white petals and bright centers, symbolize purity and new beginnings, while the yellow roses add a touch of warmth and friendship.

This bountiful display is artfully arranged in a natural woven basket, capturing the essence of a wildflower collection freshly picked from the meadow. The basket’s texture and shape complement the informal, spontaneous design of the arrangement, creating a cozy and inviting appearance.

Ideal for bringing a bit of country sunshine into someone’s life, the “Morning Meadow” basket is perfect for saying thank you, get well soon, or as a just-because gift to brighten someone’s day. It’s like receiving a basket full of sunshine and happiness.


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