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Tender Remembrance



The “Tender Remembrance” casket spray is a warm, affectionate expression of remembrance, featuring a lush array of pink and coral carnations. These blooms, known for their enduring nature, symbolize the lasting impact of love and the undying memories of a cherished life. Interspersed with delicate sprays of white lily of the valley, which signify purity and sweetness, the spray conveys a message of grace and beauty.

The arrangement is further enriched by the tropical touch of broad palm leaves, adding a layer of depth and greenery that contrasts beautifully with the softness of the flowers. A flowing white ribbon is woven throughout, symbolizing the unity and continuity of life.

Placed atop a casket, the “Tender Remembrance” spray serves as a heartfelt homage, a beautiful testament to the bonds of affection that continue to connect us to those we have lost. It is an arrangement that honors a life with dignity and love.


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